What exactly is a health coach?

What exactly is a health coach? A health coach is not someone to tell you what you can and cannot eat. There are millions of books and Internet articles to let you know about all that. I don’t think you need another opinion to add to the confusion! What a health coach does do is guide you in learning about yourself. What kinds of foods your body feels good consuming, what mentalities you have around eating and general “healthy living,” and how to replace the old habits with new ones. To sum it up, a health coach is a master of habit change!

A health coach is exactly what I needed about ten years ago when I started becoming interested in health and wellness. I fell prey to just about every diet and exercise “must do” that was popular at the time. The only place that left me was sick, weak, obsessive, and unhappy. And on top of all that, I still couldn’t stand my own reflection. How could I be so perfectly disciplined in all these diets and exercise routines and still feel defeated physically, mentally, and emotionally? It was because I was following programs made for the masses. I never once thought about the fact that my body might not be made to eat the way a certain diet recommended, or made to exercise the way a certain trainer or gym suggested. It wasn’t until I discovered CrossFit, and through that the Paleo style of eating, that I began to learn what was right for ME. Once I discovered that, everything else happened in snowball effect. I physically felt much better, I had more clarity, I had more confidence in my body, and I was finally free from constantly thinking about what how many calories I had consumed and burned that day. It was glorious! I had evolved into the better version of me, and it is a version I still love today. It is now my mission to help others do the same. The answer for you may not be CrossFit and Paleo, and that is perfectly okay. But let’s not waste any more time before finding out exactly what it is so that you can enjoy the same freedom!