The Energy Package
Spend 12 weeks discovering higher, stabilized energy so you can work and play at an optimal level without that mid-day brain fog. Say good-bye to dragging through your day and experience life with more clarity and energy. We will meet one-on-one each week to discover what’s holding you back from being the vibrant, energetic, productive self you desire to be.
$600 investment. Contact me for a free session to see if this is the program for you!

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The End to Dieting 90-Day Intensive
If you find yourself trying a new diet every few months and are tired of never making any consistent progress, this is the program for you. Learn how to break free from the diet cycle while also enjoying food, exercising, and healthy living without feeling guilty or deprived. Discover the freedom and simplicity of eating and exercising the way your unique body type desires in twelve once-a-week sessions!
$600 investment. Contact me for a free session to see if this is the program for you!

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14-Day Cleanse and Reset
Do you:
· Get bloated after eating?
· Tend to gain weight easily, especially in your belly?
· Have extra pounds that won’t come off with diet and exercise?
· Have headaches more than occasionally?
· Tend to feel lethargic during the day?
· Experience mood swings or anxiety?
· Have difficulty focusing or experience foggy brain?
· Feel anxious, upset, nervous, or downright cranky?

If some or all of these symptoms describe you, then it’s time for a cleanse! We will meet three times (before, during, and after your cleanse) so you can have all the accountability and information you need.
$150 investment

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Power Session

Need some info or an extra push to get on the right track? Let’s spend some time uncovering what’s holding you back and finding out what is motivating you to make the change!

One-time, one-hour session: $50 investment

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Group Challenges
Get the entire office, teaching staff, club, or any other group on the path to more energy with a little friendly competition! The Thirty Day Challenge includes guidelines, a daily motivational email for group participants, one Discovery Session per person, recipes, tips, support, and more. Contact me for group rates and to discuss how this could change your work environment.

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Fitness Training
Want to know the best way to get fit and stay that way? Find a group of like-minded people who will not only hold you accountable, but will make working out something you look forward to every single day. Check out Flatland CrossFit for group class schedules and pick a couple of them to test out free of charge, or contact me to talk about all of your options!

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